We all want everyone to enjoy the time they spend at the Heritage Banquet Hall.

Abiding by these Terms and Conditions will make your event will go smoothy & everyone will be happy.

Hall renters must:

  • Abide by all City of New Westminster bylaws
  • Be at least 18 years of age or under the supervision of parent (guardian) who MUST be present during the event

No Smoking Policy:

  • Absolutely NO smoking anywhere in front of building
  • Smoking Area is located outside back parking lot. Nowhere else

Noise/Crowd Control Policy:

  • Renters MUST maintain crowd control in front outside from 10 pm onwards
  • Front doors MUST be closed at 10 pm
  • All guests MUST leave via rear exit only into the parking lot

New Westminster City Noise Bylaw below:

  • No person shall make or cause any noise or sound to be made...which disturbs… the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the neighbourhood, or persons around;
  • Night noise level (from 10 pm) Not to exceed 75 dBs
  • PENALTY: up to $2,000.00 fine

Security Policy:

  • MUST be enforced for all entrance-for-fee events
  • One Security Person (SP) holding a BCSG licence per 100 people
  • SP WILL NOT drink alcohol or consume any intoxicating substance while on duty
  • SP WILL BE on duty for the entire event; start until the last guest leaves
  • One SP outside in front of building to enforce no smoking & noise/crowd control policies
  • One SP inside front doors at 10 pm to direct guests to rear exit
  • One SP needs to be stationed at the rear exit

Alcohol Policy:

  • Alcohol Events MUST have a Special Event Permit (SEP):
  • SEP must be displayed for public viewing (No Permit; No Liquor; No Event)
  • Servers MUST not consume; Must have Serving It Right certificate (
  • No Sales to Persons Under 19 years of age: Photo ID required
  • No Alcohol outside of the venue; No Alcohol allowed inside non permitted events
  • All SEP conditions set by NW Police Department must be followed (see below):
  • Max capacity 315;
  • Liquor service ends at 12:30 pm;
  • Music ceases at 1:00 am (unless ordered earlier by NWPD due to compliant by the public)

Insurance Policy:

  • Special Event Insurance MUST be obtained for events having liquor sales
  • Minimum $2,000,000 liability; Loss payout to 1031192 B.C. Ltd (Operating as Heritage Banquet Hall)

Public Disturbance Credit Card Charges (deposit deductions) for:

  • Any fines issued to the Hall because of your event by the Police or City By Law officer
  • Failure to enforce No Smoking/ Noise/Crowd Control /Alcohol/ Security and/or Insurance Policies
  • Police ordered ceasing of event due to complaint by the public

Reservation/Damage Deposit Deductions for:

  • Failure to enforce No Smoking/ Noise/Crowd Control /Alcohol/ Security and/or Insurance Policies
  • Any damages that occurred during the event
  • Any items stolen or missing after an event
  • Inadequate cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, venue, and front entrance
  • Failure to separate organics, garbage & recyclables and improper placement

Cleaning & Waste Disposal Policy:

  • All floors MUST be swept, mopped & trash free (kitchen, bathrooms, venue and front entrance)
  • All carpets MUST be vacuumed and trash free
  • All tables MUST be cleaned, wiped down and returned to storage
  • All chairs MUST be returned to storage area (stacked 10 high)
  • All kitchen items, counters, & stove MUST be cleaned, dried and returned to storage
  • All waste MUST be collected inside (kitchen, bathrooms, venue) & outside;
  • All waste MUST be separated: organics/paper; recyclables; and garbage.
  • Anything left in the kitchen and fridge after an event is garbage
  • Collect any empty recyclables located on the outside of building in front and on Kingston Ave

SoCan Music Licence:

Kitchen Use Policy:

  • The kitchen is NOT a cooking kitchen, just a warm-up kitchen
  • Use of refrigerator and any of the dishes, trays, utensils, plates, stove, microwave, coffee urns, hot pots, etc.
  • Everything used must be washed and dried and return it to their proper places
  • Kitchen must be cleaned and mopped after the event; Failure to clean the kitchen will incur a cleaning fee

Audio Visual (AV) included with every rental:

  • Built-in projector and screen (VGA connections at stage or in the AV booth) and/or use of smart TV
  • One handheld microphones (additional ones can be rented)
  • Plug in for PC, phone or music player DJ to sound board
  • Only qualified sound technicians (or hall staff) may operate the AV equipment
  • Group can rent and/or use the instruments on the stage (main hall only)

These Terms and Conditions may be updated and modified without notice.

Any questions please contact the Hall management for clarification.

Updated April 7, 2018