Faith Worship Service Spaces for Rent

Turn-key operation with use of inhouse AV/sound system equipment
Storage & office rental also available for church services
Several meeting rooms on site for various sized congregations
We have the right facility for congregations of 30 up to 315

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Inventory of Tables and Chairs available for use in the building (included):


  • 28    6' round tables (space allows for 25 round tables & 8 chairs/table and buffet table space at the upper level
  • 10    Classroom style 6-foot plastic tables (only 18" wide)(in Studio)
  • 9     6-foot plastic rectangular tables (3 normally setup for buffet table on upper level of hall
  •  5     5-foot rectangular tables (in boardroom)


  • 185 Green stacking chairs (padded) (mostly in the main hall)
  •   80 Brown plastic stacking chairs (in the studio)
  •   28 Purple padded chairs (in the boardroom)

The Hall is the main room in the banquet hall.  

Maximum seating capacity of 315 people. Flexible space suitable for many varieties of events.

Some examples include:

  • Church or Training Room (up to 200 people, 1/2 rounds)
  • Concerts or Parties (with a dance floor)
  • Fundraising Venue with or without alcohol served
  • Conferences and meetings (up to 315 people, theatre style)
  • Trade Shows /Fairs/ Market Gardens /Night Markets
  • Video/Movie Production Space
  • Dancing Practice or School (very large wooden dance floor)
  • Comedy Club

See below photos for more details about the space.

Click the photos below to see them larger.  
FebHallHeadTableFloor   FebHallHeadTableFloor   FebHallHeadTableOnStage
  FebHallHeadTableOnStageecentre   FebHallHeadTableOnStageFloorLeft   FebHallHeadTableOnStageRoom
  FebHallHeadTableOnStageSideView IMG 3458 IMG 3424
IMG 3441    IMG 3558   IMG 3562
  IMG 3452 IMG 3534  IMG 3556 

 Equipment included in the hall rental:

  • Use of the built-in projector and screen (mounted over the stage) and multiple HDMI  TV's of varying size
  • Use of 6 Channel mixer on the stage
  • Use of TWO wireless handheld microphones (one can be exchanged for a lapel microphone or headset microphone)
  • Hookup for audio from your laptop or music player (mini-jack connector)

Use of the kitchen included in the rental:

  • Full use of the refrigerator (including the freezer on top)
  • Use of all the utensils, serving platters, bowls, plates, etc.
  • Use of coffee makers, large portable cooler, soup warming unit, two rice cookers, and double deep sink 
  • THE KITCHEN MUST BE CLEANED AT THE END OF YOUR EVENT or there will be a cleaning fee of $50-$100. 



The Studio is equiped with one microphone, two wall mounted speakers, small mixing board, and a wall mounted 60" 4K smart TV. Just plug your PC into it.  

The Studio is a flexible room that can be used for smaller groups and events. It is NOT handicap accessible.  

Use of a kitchen also available with studio rental; equipped with fridge/freezer, sink, microwave, stove (for reheating ONLY) and coffee maker. 

Some examples of use for studio include:

  • Small church congregation up to 100 people
  • Viewing sports events available on the net like boxing, football, hockey events.  
  • Training Room (up to 75 people)
  • Party Room for up to 75 people with tables (for birthday parties, bachelor parties, karaoke parties, reunions and more)
  • Production Studio (for photography, video, movies, sound)
  • Board Room/Conference Room (up to 100 people conference style)
  • Dance studio or practice venue
  • Yoga studio
  • Classroom for courses (up to 75 people)

IMG 3486 IMG 3490
IMG 3494 IMG 3502

The Boardroom is a small room for small meetings.  

It is equipped with 38" Smart TV, microphone, and a Bose sound system. 28 purple interlocking seats. More chairs available in the facility.   

Maximum seating capacity 30-40 people. Flexible space suitable for many varieties of events. It is NOT handicap accessible.  Theatre style capacity of 50.   

Some examples include:

  • Small Church congregation for services up to 50 people
  • Board Meetings
  • Small Meetings
  • Small Parties
  • Yoga Classes or Studio
  • Small Dance Studio or Practice 
  • Small classroom for courses


IMG 3512 IMG 3529